Imperial Metalworks automatic sliding doors are suitable for a wide range of building types, from commercial to residential buildings to retail environments and transit centers. Our doors are compact, durable, power saving and is equipped and enhanced with a variety of safety and security features, such as, emergency egress, burglary-proof, fireproof and sound reducing feature.

Enhance Presentability

Our sliding doors offer oodles of elegance, functionality and modernity to any building and add an aesthetic appeal to the premise where they are installed. We allow our clients to choose from a wide selection of designs of doors, such as, linear, curved or angular movements of the door.


Automatic doors are particularly helpful to the physically challenged, aged, parents carrying babies in their arms, people carrying something in one hand while the other is preoccupied with the mobile phone, etc. Gone are the days when you would have to use your strength to open heavy doors! Our doors are technologically advanced and provide great comfort and convenience to all.


The conventional old-fashioned doors would have to be pushed open and slammed shut every time someone was at the door. Imagine the amount of unwanted disturbances that it created! Also, if someone forgot to close the door, then it would affect the temperature inside causing huge wastage of energy. Our automatic sliding doors are of superior quality, efficient and cost-effective and will help to save your electricity bill since the moment there is no traffic, the door closes on its own.

Safe and Secure

Our doors offer complete security to any premise. Built from tough materials, it is extremely durable and as it is controlled though remote and automatic sensors, the owner of the building will have full control over who gets to enter and who doesn't.

We at Imperial Metalworks aim to make your shopping experience fun and enjoyable and so, we offer customized doors to cater to your every need. No matter what your requirements are, just let us know and we will manufacture automatic sliding doors exactly to your specifications and within your budget.